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Adjusting your storefront menu links
Adjusting your storefront menu links

Create menu links and arrange them under a menu dropdown

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You can easily add or adjust the Menu Links that appear in the header of your AmmoReady storefront.

In this guide, we'll be moving a few Menu Links into a menu dropdown to help better organize our storefront's header menu.

From your Dashboard go to Settings in the top right corner.

Click on the Menu tab. In this example, we already have a few Menu Links (highlighted in red: Top Selling Firearms, etc) that were auto-generated after creating their corresponding custom product pages. Check out this article on creating Custom Product Pages for more information on how to do that.

The goal here is to organize our header menu and place all three of these Menu Links under a single, "Top Level," dropdown Menu Item.

To add our "Top Level" Menu Item, we'll first add a Display Name that describes what you might find within this item. Since we have a few "Top Selling" links/pages, we'll name this Menu Item: Top Selling. Click Add Item to add this new item to the Menu Links section.

You'll also notice a few other options below Display Name. We'll leave those untouched for this guide, but for future reference: Link to a Page will let you select a pre-existing page on your storefront, and Link to a URL will allow you to enter any URL outside of your website.

We now see the new Menu Item added to the bottom of our Menu Links list.

The Menu Links list order (top to bottom) represents how your header menu links are ordered/displayed on your storefront (left to right). You can adjust these as you wish by clicking the directional arrow icon, then dragging and dropping the Menu Link anywhere in the list order.

For this guide, we want to place Top Selling at the top/front of our Menu Links. Once you have placed the link, click Save.

Now that our "Top Level" link is where we want it, we need to place our "Sub Level" Menu Links inside. Follow the previous steps by dragging and dropping the Menu Links under the "Top Level" link.

Consider the image below and make note that the "Sub Level" link will show as indented, indicating that it has been placed underneath a "Top Level" link.

Once you have placed all desired Menu Links under the "Top Level" link, click Save.

You've now successfully added new Menu Links and created a dropdown Menu Item.

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