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Creating a Collection

How to create a Collection and add Inventory or Catalog items to it

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From your AmmoReady Dashboard, click the Website button on the left, then Collections.

Click the New Collection button in the top right. Then enter the information for the Collection. Make sure you check the Publish the Collection button. Then Create the Collection.

If you have successfully created the Collection and Published it, it should have a green check next to it on your list of Collections.

Now you can add items from your personal Inventory, on your Inventory tab, or from the Distributor catalog.
On your Inventory page, select the item you want to add to the Collection, then click the Add to Collection button and select the Collection you wish to add the item to.

From the Catalog page, search the item you want to add, select it and click the Add to Collection button. Then select the Collection you want to add the item to.

You can add a Collection to be featured on a Custom Page by checking the box next to the Collection, at the bottom of the page, when creating the Custom Page.

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