When you provide us with a spreadsheet of your store's inventory data it is important that you specify all the necessary information. Please make sure your spreadsheet includes all of the following columns. These requirements apply only to importing with "match or create" mode (see here).

  • Product model name (ex. LC9s)
  • UPC or SKU (ex. 736676032648)
  • Brand name (ex. Ruger)
  • Category (ex. Handguns) see here
  • Sub-category (ex. Semi-Automatic) see here
  • Quantity on hand (ex. 10)
  • Customer Price (ex. 349.99)
  • Product Type (must be one of the following: handgun, long_gun, ammunition, suppressor, merchandise)

Please ensure that your category columns correspond directly to our list of categories: http://docs.ammoready.com/data-importing/category-taxonomy

The following attributes are not required, but are recommended.

  • Description (ex. Striker-fired featuring light trigger pull)
  • Caliber (ex. 9mm luger) *if applicable
  • Action (ex. Semi-Automatic) *if applicable
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