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Show Me Your Papers (beta)
Show Me Your Papers (beta)

Require ID for regulated ammunition purchases

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Install the Show Me Your Papers add-on from the Add-ons page in the AmmoReady Dashboard.


Choose the states for which you want to require a valid ID when there is ammunition in the shopping cart from the General Options section on the Settings > Checkout tab:

(psst - you won't see this option โ˜๏ธ if the add-on is not installed)

Adding ID at Checkout

Customers who attempt to purchase ammunition to be shipped (or picked up) in a state that requires an ID will be prompted to upload a Front and Back image of their valid ID in the shopping cart:

Review IDs for Compliance

AmmoReady displays a green ID icon on the Orders screen to indicate an order with an ID attached.

You can review attached ID images on the Order detail view.

Customers Can Manage Their Own IDs

After uploading ID images to make a purchase, your customers can manage their ID images on the account profile page.

Getting Help

If you need help with this add-on, or anything else to do with your AmmoReady account, please contact support via chat from the in-app Dashboard (recommended) or send an email to

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