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Create a Custom Page
Create a Custom Page
This article describes how to add a custom Page to your website
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  1. Go to Website > Pages in the sidebar

  2. Click the "New Page" button 

  3. Enter a "Name" for the page (required)

  4. Enter a "Subtitle" if you want to specify meta data for the Page (optional)

  5. Enter a "URL" string to override the default URL (optional)

  6. Add content to the Page using the rich text editor

  7. To Feature a Collection on the page Select the button next to the Collection at the bottom of the page

  8. Check the "Publish" box to publish the page (or leave it unchecked to publish it later if you need to work on it before publishing)

  9. Check the "Add to Menu" box to add a link to the Page to the site menu bar

  10. Click the "Create Page" button

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