In order to submit an invoice to Credova to be paid for an order, you must provide the exact serial number for the firearm(s) being financed. For that reason, how you intend to fill an order determines when you will be able to submit an invoice for payment and, by extension, when your customer can expect to receive their firearm.

Filling Financed Orders from In-Stock Inventory

If you are filing an order for a firearm from in-stock inventory then you already have the serial number needed to submit an invoice to Credova. You can immediately submit the invoice for payment and ship the firearm.

Filling Financed Orders from Connected Distributors

If you are filling an order for a financed firearm through a connected distributor (because you don't have it in stock), you will have to have the firearm shipped to your store because serial numbers are not returned to AmmoReady when a firearm is dropshipped directly to a transfer FFL.

We recommend the following workflow for filling financed orders via distributors:

  1. Have the firearm(s) shipped to your store from any connected distributor
  2. Submit the invoice (including firearm serial number) via the Credova dashboard
  3. Wait until you have received payment from the lender
  4. Deliver the firearm to the customer via in-store pickup or  FFL transfer
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