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Create a ShipStation Fulfillment from a Customer Order
Create a ShipStation Fulfillment from a Customer Order

How to ship full or partial orders via ShipStation

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To Create a ShipStation Fulfillment:

1. Select one or more items from the Order by checking the box adjacent to the item(s)

2. Select the "Fulfill via ShipStation" button

3. Verify that you've selected all the items you want included in the fulfillment and click the "Submit" button:

4. A ShipStation fulfillment will be created, associated with the AmmoReady Order, and automatically imported into ShipStation. In may take a few seconds for that to happen so if you don't see your new ShipStation Order immediately, go grab some coffee. It'll be there any minute. If you already had coffee, you can log into ShipStation and manually re-sync so you're not waiting around.
5. When you first create a ShipStation fulfillment, it will display a "Pending" status until a shipping confirmation is received:

6. As soon as you create a shipment in ShipStation, the fulfillment will display a tracking number and the status will be updated automatically:

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