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How to place a Dealer Order
How to place a Dealer Order
Placing an order from your backend
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First you'll need to pull up your Catalog, where you can search for the product you want to order,

Once you're on the Catalog page, search for your product and select it from the results so you are on the product's page

Then click the green Order button in the top right corner. This will pull up a pop up where you can select how many of the product you want to order, and whether or not you're adding this product to an existing order, or creating a new order.

Once you have selected a new order, or existing order, you will be taken to that order screen. Repeat this until all desired items are on the order.

Then, select the shipping arrangement for your order, upload a copy of the receiving FFL, and connect the order to a customer.

After that you'll need to create the Fulfillment Record(s) for the order. To do this, check the box next to the item(s) you wish to place on the Fulfillment Record, and click the green Fulfill via Distributor button. This will give you the option to create a new Fulfillment Record, or select an existing Fulfillment Record, to place the items on. 

Select the distributor you want to place the order with, and the shipping arrangement for those items, and then click Submit. This does not submit an order to the distributor. It only creates the Fulfillment Record in your AmmoReady account.

After you have created the Fulfillment Record, you will see the Fulfillment Numbers in the Fulfillment Box to the right. To submit each one to the distributor click on the blue Fulfillment Number, and then the Submit button on the right side of the screen. 

Order status updates, and tracking info will also be displayed here once we receive that info from the distributor.

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