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How to add your own images to the image slider
How to add your own images to the image slider
Featuring your own images in the homepage image slider
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Adding your own images to your Homepage image slider is a great way to customize your site. In this guide we add an image to advertise Glock.

  1. From your Dashboard go to Settings > Homepage, and then select to use Custom Slider Images.

2. Upload the image you want to feature, then add a link to the page you want the image to forward to when clicked. In this clip the link used is the AmmoReady subdomain + /brands/glock. On your AmmoReady site the Brand pages are at[brand name here]. Smith & Wesson would be brands/smith-wesson, Sig Sauer = brands/sig-sauer. An easy way to find that URL is by searching the Brand Name on your site.

3. Last you'll want to verify the image looks ok on your site, and links to the correct URL.

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