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Add an image banner using the Slideshow widget
Add an image banner using the Slideshow widget

Feature your own images with the Slideshow widget

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Adding your own images using the Slideshow widget is a great way to customize your storefront. In this guide we'll add an image to advertise Glock.

Recommendations before starting

We recommend using image dimensions of 1920px x 480px. If you are adding multiple images to one Slideshow widget, it is highly recommended that all images are the same size/dimensions in order to preserve a cohesive look to your storefront.

From your Dashboard go to Website > Pages.

You can add a Slideshow widget to feature any images you wish on any custom added pages using the + New Page button. For this example we'll be adding the Slideshow widget to our already existing Homepage. Click on Homepage.

Click on + Add a Widget. From the dropdown options, select Slideshow. A Slideshow widget will appear below. Drag and drop to place the Slideshow in the order of how you want it to appear on the page. We'll place ours first so it appears at the top of the Homepage.

Click Slideshow on the widget, then select Custom Slides. You can also choose if you wish for the images in this particular Slideshow widget to appear on mobile devices by selecting the check box. Next, click on Upload Image.

A new window will pop up. Select the image file you wish to upload and feature on your storefront.

Next, add a link to the page you want the image to forward to when clicked. In this example, the link used is /brands/glock. On your AmmoReady site the Brand pages are at[brand name here]. Smith & Wesson would be /brands/smith-wesson, Sig Sauer = /brands/sig-sauer. An easy way to find that URL is by searching the Brand Name on your site. Once your image is uploaded, and you have selected where it will link, click Update Page.

Be sure to view the page where you added your new Slideshow widget to confirm everything looks correct.

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